Why should I incorporate microgreens into my diet?

Microgreens provide a nutritious boost to ensure you are operating at your best. While having upto 40x the nutritional value of their mature counterparts microgreens also have some delicious attributes to spice up your kitchen life! Coming in an array of vivid colours, crisp textures and intense flavours they go beyond functional and into the realm of artistic and adventurous.

How can something so fun be so good for your health? Cotyledon leaves. The cotyledon leaves are the first leaves that emerge from a new plant, although most would think of them as insignificant – they hold a high nutritional density to propel the plant into its next stage of growth. Cotyledons transmit the food stored in the seed embryo to the new plant and are the first leaves to engage with the sun in photosynthesis.

Cotyledons of microgreens

So why should we incorporate these fun & nutritious wonders of nature?

  1. Lowers risk of heart disease – the fiber and vitamin K found in microgreens are beneficial for a healthy blood pressure.
  2. May help fight cancer – antioxidants and other compounds found in microgreens can improve overall health and in some instances target cancer cells directly (i.e. sulforaphane – found in Broccoli microgreens).
  3. Immune system booster – vegetables by nature are anti-inflammatory, and so much more with the nutritional content of microgreens
  4. Improves eyesight – not only high in beta-carotenes, but lutein content in microgreens can help your eyes absorb excess light intensity – making this an ideal food source for the screen generation.
  5. Reduce constipation – the high fiber content of microgreens can help reduce constipation.
  6. Improve gut health – microgreens contain a high prebiotic fiber content which not only nourishes the friendly organisms in your gut but it also stimulates the growth of intestinal bacteria associated with overall health and wellbeing.
  7. Lower cholesterol – studies have shown microgreens to lower cholesterol and assist in weight loss when consuming an otherwise fatty diet.

The ability of microgreens to regulate cellular pathways and modulate bioavailability of nutrients leads to improved function of the human body. In a society where most of our food is grown for size and not nutrients, it is important to realize the immense power of something small. As it could be just what we are missing.

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