What is freeze dried microgreen powder?

To answer that we must first begin at the source! Microgreens are young plants which are known to contain 4-40x the nutritional value of full grown analogs. The nutrients and micronutrients that microgreens contain include polyphenals (antioxidants), beta-carotenes, flavinoids, proteins and glucosinolates. These are important because they regulate cellular pathways processes e.g. inflammation, hormones, epigenetics, metabolism, as well as improve gut microbiomes. As a result, the human is getting more nutrients the body craves and disease risks are decreased. This superfood truly does help us operate at our best!

We grow 365 days a year at our vertical farms. To improve the sustainability of our system we decided to purchase a freeze-drying machine after research to show this method retains the most nutrients compared with other dehydration methods. Freeze-drying retains 98% of total nutrients. By freeze-drying fresh microgreens which we don’t sell we achieve zero waste at our facility, and have an exciting new product to share with our customers.

Many Canadians have reached out asking if they can purchase our microgreens but due to distance and shipping we only sell our fresh microgreens locally to ensure freshness and exceptional quality. The freeze dried microgreen powder finally allows us to send our microgreens all over Canada. Similar to space food – our microgreen Nutrient Powder doesn’t expire for 25+ years!

Micro green powder

Now that we have our microgreen Nutrient Powder, how do we use it? An easy way to start is that we can think of microgreen powder as a vegan protein powder. It mixes well with smoothies, shakes, juices, tea, even just water. It can also be sprinkled on any dish (ala salt n’ peppa) to increase nutrient content and add a light savory flavour that goes with pretty much anything! Creative foodies will love incorporating these nutrients into actual dishes or baking. Nutrient Powder can also be put into capsules and taken as a daily vitamin supplement.

Start living with your health first and giving your body the nutrients it needs for optimal physical and mental performance. Order Botanacine freeze dried microgreen Nutrient Powder today.

Choe, Yu, and Wang (2018). The Science behind Microgreens as an Exciting New Food for the 21st Century. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 66(44).


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