What are terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic flavour compounds present in all living organisms. Green plants, and flowering plants specifically often have the highest terpenoid content in the natural world. It is for this reason you likely have heard of terpenes as related to cannabis. We have identified the same exciting terpenes as in cannabis but are able to extract these from botanical (non-cannabis) sources.

In a nutshell, we can extract the essential oil from a plant. This essential oil contains a suite of terpenes specific to that cultivar in that region. Terpenes can be isolated out of the essential oil with the proper equipment and highly trained operators. These terpenes are isolated molecules of flavour, each with their own aroma, mood and myriad of health benefits.

How long do terpenes last? An organic compound, terpenes have a lifespan. Like other organic compounds they will last longest in a cool, dark place. This is because UV light and higher temperatures causes things to spoil. So the colder and darker the location – the longer they will last! Terpenes are completely safe in the refrigerator or even freezer and in these locations can last years. That being said, they are an organic compound so is best to use fresh.

Are terpenes safe? Similarly to essential oils, this depends on which terpenes are present and in what concentration. An example of a terpene that can be fatally toxic is thujone – which has also been used through the years as a medicine, so it is very important that doses are appropriate and on the flip side can be life saving. Education is everything. All Botanacine terpenes are 100% safe for personal use in both of our terpene products – Personal Diffusers and Nasal Inhalers. We choose terpenes for these products based on a variety of factors but always look at safety and health benefits first & foremost.

How do terpenes effect the body? Our bodies have been interacting with terpenes since the day we were born. As terpenes affect our mood, originally it was thought that terpenes just worked on the area of the brain which controlled emotion. New data suggests that each terpene interacts with specific receptors in the brain to have different effects. Apart from that, each terpene can affect multiple parts of your brain and nervous system at the same time – giving some terpenes multiple effects!

Next we will delve into each of our terpenes and their effects.

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