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Microgreen Power Pack | Save $36!


Introducing our “Microgreen Power Pack” – Unlock the Magic of Freeze-Dried Microgreen Powder and Save $36!

What’s Inside the Microgreen Power Pack?

Experience the delight of a variety of nutrient-packed microgreens in our Microgreen Power Pack. Each freeze-dried powder contains a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals to supercharge your health and elevate your culinary experience.

  1. Peas: Enjoy the delightful sweetness of peas with vitamins C, A, and K, along with minerals like iron, magnesium, and potassium.
  2. Sunflowers: Indulge in the nutty and earthy flavors of sunflowers, rich in vitamins E and B6, along with minerals like copper, zinc, and selenium.
  3. Radish: Add a burst of peppery goodness with vitamins C, K, and E, and minerals like calcium, potassium, and manganese.
  4. Broccoli: Experience the wholesome goodness of broccoli with vitamins C, K, and A, as well as minerals like potassium and calcium.
  5. Crimson Clover: Discover the earthy and mildly sweet taste of crimson clover with vitamins C, E, and K, as well as minerals like magnesium and calcium.
  6. Purple Kohlrabi: Enjoy the vibrant flavor of purple kohlrabi with vitamins C, B6, and K, and minerals such as potassium and copper.
  7. Fava Beans: Indulge in the hearty and nutty flavor of fava beans with vitamins B1, B6, and folate, as well as minerals like iron and manganese.
  8. Buckwheat: Add a nutty and slightly earthy taste to your dishes with vitamins B6 and folate, and minerals like magnesium and phosphorus.
  9. Lentils: Savor the richness of vitamins B6 and folate, and minerals such as iron and magnesium in lentils.
  10. Alfalfa: Enjoy the mild and fresh taste of alfalfa with vitamins C, K, and A, as well as minerals like calcium and potassium.
  11. Red Clover: Discover the slightly sweet and earthy flavor of red clover with vitamins C and E, and minerals like magnesium and calcium.
  12. Mustard: Elevate your culinary creations with the tangy and zesty flavor of mustard, rich in vitamins C, K, and A, and minerals such as calcium and potassium.

Why Choose the Microgreen Power Pack?

With twelve distinct microgreen powders in one pack, our Microgreen Power Pack offers you the ultimate convenience to effortlessly add a burst of flavor and nutrition to your meals, smoothies, salads, and more. No need for growing and harvesting microgreens yourself.

Long-Lasting Supply: Designed as a 4-month supply, you’ll have a steady source of nutrition and culinary excitement throughout the season.

Save $36: By purchasing the Microgreen Power Pack, you unlock incredible savings of $36 compared to buying each powder individually. It’s a fantastic deal that lets you enjoy the full range of microgreens without breaking the bank.

Nutrient-Rich and Delicious: Each freeze-dried powder retains the full spectrum of nutrients and flavors of fresh microgreens, allowing you to indulge in healthy and delicious meals every day.

Versatile Usage: Sprinkle the powders on your favorite dishes, blend them into smoothies, mix them into dressings or sauces – the possibilities are endless. Unleash your creativity in the kitchen with the Microgreen Power Pack.

Experience the Microgreen Magic Today!

Treat yourself to our Microgreen Power Pack and embark on a culinary journey filled with flavor and nutrition. Discover the wonders of freeze-dried microgreens and savor the convenience of having twelve unique powders at your fingertips.

Note: The Microgreen Power Pack is not only a culinary delight but also an excellent source of essential nutrients. However, it is not intended to replace a balanced diet. Please consult with your healthcare professional before adding any new supplements to your diet.


TYPES: Super Mix

Grown at our zero waste vertical farms.

SIZE: 16 gram jar

RECOMMENDED DAILY DOSE: 0.5 grams per day  ( 32 doses per jar )

$119.96  ($29.99 Per Month)       ($155.96 Regular Price) |

Shipping Canada Wide 🇨🇦

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Microgreen Power Pack | Save $36!


Locally grown, freeze dried and powdered 100% micro greens.

Introducing our Freeze-Dried Microgreen Powder – your one-stop solution for a burst of nutrition and flavor in every meal! Made from 100% locally grown, organic microgreens, our nutrient-packed powder will help you prioritize your health and elevate your culinary experience.

With the innovative Botanacine freeze-drying method, we retain an impressive 98% of the nutritional value compared to other dehydration methods. Each serving of our microgreen powder is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and beta-carotenes to support your well-being.

Here are some easy and delicious ways to enjoy our Freeze-Dried Microgreen Powder:

  1. Nutrient-Packed Smoothies: Add a teaspoon of the powder to your favorite smoothie recipe for a healthy and revitalizing boost.

  2. Wholesome Salad Dressings: Mix a teaspoon of the powder with your preferred salad dressing for an extra nutritious twist.

  3. Flavorful Seasoning: Sprinkle a pinch of the powder on roasted vegetables, grilled meats, or baked dishes to enhance their taste and nutrient content.

  4. Energizing Teas: Stir the powder into hot water and enjoy a calming and nutritious cup of tea.

  5. Supercharge Your Soups: Garnish your soups with a dash of the powder to elevate their nutritional profile.

  6. Power-Packed Protein Shakes: Blend the powder with your post-workout protein shakes for a delicious and nourishing treat.

  7. Baking Boost: Enhance the nutritional value of your baked goods by incorporating the powder into your recipes.

Our Freeze-Dried Microgreen Powder is the perfect addition to your daily diet, making it easier than ever to get a diverse range of nutrients in a convenient form. Embrace a healthier lifestyle and experience the incredible benefits of microgreens with every serving.

Buy now and unlock the potential of freeze-dried microgreen powder as your go-to superfood for a healthier and tastier you!

Storage: 25+ year shelf life. Store in a cool, dark, dry place for extended life.


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