Be our ambassador! Join a group of fellow islanders living with your health first.


As a member of The Botana Team you’re a fellow islander living with your health first.

APPLY via dm on our Instagram (@botanacine):
1. You have a FB & IG account with 100+ followers / friends on each
2. You live on The Botanacine Trail (Nanaimo to Victoria)
3. Send the handles of (3) people you got to follow our IG

Botana Team-Work //
+ IG: Share ALL Botanacine IG posts to your IG/FB story (3 per week)
+ FB: Choose 1 Botanacine FB post per month to share to your timeline
+ Create: 1 post per month (FB or IG) and tag @botanacine – i.e. food pic with our greens, promo shot with our greens, photo of another of our products like a nasal inhaler, in a Botanacine t-shirt on a hike – can be ANYTHING Botanacine orientated, have fun & be creative!
+ Share: You pledge to share your experience of our products with your family & friends.

+ 1 BAG of micro greens delivered every week! (rotating/seasonal)
+ 1 FREE new product per month – to enjoy & promote (i.e. we are going to be launching a new Nasal Inhaler soon – Eucalyptol – and Botana Team members will each receive one to try out! Can use this for your 1 post per month or not, totally up to you!)
+ You become part of the Botana Team community, a group of islanders living with their health first. We provide tools & resources to help you on your personal journey as well as for friends and family.