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is an idea, a vision we like to say. Our story began with a passion for botanicals and our story continues with a passion for patients. With increased awareness of what is in the products we use everyday, comes an even great responsibility for consumers to be able to trust the ingredient list on their labels. Many synthetic chemicals and their replacements are disguised within products and it can be hard to trust what you are really getting.


At Botanacine we only use natural organic terpenes to provide the most consistent, clean and accessible products on the market today. By closely listening to the many patients we have worked with over the last 10 years we have come up with the “Original Six” terpinoid line. This offering is sure to help you narrow in on exactly what you need for your lifestyle and health ailments.

Our advantages

We have looked at the cannabis industry, worked with the patients and spent many years listening to their needs. Understanding that cannabis is so much more than THC and CBD. Understanding the power of terpenes and the hundreds of years they have been used to help with everything from pain, anxiety, depression, and even creativity. With this knowledge we have developed Botanacine, as means of preventative care by harnessing the power of botanicals to promote holistic health and wellness.


We have been working with patients and botanicals for over 10 years. ​


We only use natural and organic terpenes and botanicals. ​


We carry a variety of products to best meet your needs. ​


Start living with Your Health First. ​

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